Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long can I stay in Thailand on my Visa?
.... A. A Tourist Visa allows you to stay in Thailand for up to 60 days. You may apply for a number of entries and each entry allows you to stay for up to 60 days. However you must leave the country and re-enter to go onto your next entry.
Non-Immigrant Visa allows you to stay for up to 90 days. A Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant Visa allows you to stay for up to 1 year however you must leave after each 90 day period and re-enter. These two visas cannot be issued to Tourists.

Q. Do I have to send my actual passport when applying for my visa?
... A. Yes - the visa must be stamped into your passport.

Q. What do you mean by 'passport must be valid for at least 6 months'?
... A. Your passport must not expire within 6 months from the date you are due to enter Thailand.

Q. How soon should I apply for my visa?
....A. You may apply no earlier than 90 days from when you plan to enter Thailand. As the visa will expire 90 days from date of issue (6 months if 2 or more entries are issued) you do not want to apply too early. Allow at least 5 working days for the visa to be issued.

Q. How can I extend my visa while in Thailand?
....A. You should apply to the Thai Immigration Office or to a local police station before your visa expires. Whether or not your visa will be extended is strictly up to the Thai Immigration Officer.

Q. I plan to visit other countries around Thailand and I plan to be in Thailand for less than 30 days. However my airline ticket shows more than 30 days in Thailand. Do I need to apply for a visa
....A. Yes. If your airline ticket shows more than 30 days you must apply for a visa before entering Thailand even if you plan to obtain an airline or rail ticket to a third country upon arrival in Thailand.

Q. I will be in Thailand on business for less than 30 days. Do I need a visa?
....A. Yes. All business trips require a visa.

Q. I would like to seek employment while in Thailand. Your requirements for a Non Immigrant Visa state that I must have a letter from the company or institution I will be working with when I apply for my visa. If I don't have this letter can you issue a Non Immigrant Visa so I can still look for work?
....A. No. We cannot issue Non Immigrant Visa for seeking employment. You would have to apply for a Tourist Visa and when you are hired by a company in Thailand, you may be required to leave the country to obtain an appropriate visa. Your employer in Thailand should advise you of your requirements.

Q. My spouse is Thai and we will be visiting his/her family for more than 60 days. Can I obtain a Non Immigrant Visa?
....A. Yes. You need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate along with your application for a visa.

Q. When paying for the visa can I use personal or company cheque?
... A. No. We only accept postal order or cash.

Q. Can I send more than one application and passport in the same envelope?
....A. Yes. Ensure that there is enough postage on the self addressed registered envelope for us to return them to you.

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